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In a world where every sector can be referred to as tech, patents have become a new currency in corporate strategy. Over 100 million of them. Individual patents may have limited intrinsic value. It’s their interconnectivity that’s important; the way they combine with a business environment that grants incomparable, transformative power. That’s where we come in. Cipher applies this contextual framework, coupled with the latest advances in machine learning, to provide the most innovative approach to patent analytics. Not a specialist patent tool just for lawyers. The first truly accessible source of online business intelligence that analyses technology trends essential for making business decisions which will ultimately define the technology landscape of tomorrow.

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Manage Patent Costs

Having patent cost data at your fingertips will bridge the gap between portfolio management and business strategy, enhancing cost management and objective benchmarking.

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Monitor the Competition

Using Artificial Intelligence, Cipher supplements your existing patent resources with quick, in-depth analysis of the competitor landscape, just when you need it most.

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Internal Reporting

With Cipher, you’ll be able to deliver better insight and analysis to the multi- disciplinary teams responsible for fostering and managing innovation.

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Identify Patent Risk

Cipher is a new way of analysing the litigation landscape, designed to support those focussed on risk mitigation, including IP insurance and licensing.

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Pricing / One-off reports to enterprise subscription

Subscription Pricing.   Many of the world’s leading brands use Cipher to gain critical IP business intelligence everyday. A Cipher subscription offers the most cost-effective way to manage your portfolio, monitor competition, navigate risk and make the most of your investment.
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Project Pricing.   Want to get critical insights into a new technology? Or to fast track due diligence for an M&A or licensing deal? Need about a health check to navigate portfolio risk or to help refine patenting strategy? We make it easy and cost-effective with one-off reports and project pricing.
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Cipher projects

Competitive intelligence report

Our report compares your patenting strategy with others with multiple customisable metrics including activity, age, territory, inventors and cost.

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Due diligence report

A transaction report that allows you identify IP issues that could affect value and risk across a range of M&A, collaboration and licensing transactions.

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Patenting strategy

Our report enhances your understanding of competitors’ patent filing, including activity, territory, inventors and costs.

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Technology landscape report

A landscape report that illustrates key trends for chosen technology areas. Harness Cipher classifiers to identify and compare incumbents and new entrants.

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  • Client spotlight Ocado Group PLC

    “As a leading technology company we need instant answers to who’s doing what. Cipher helps us navigate complex patent landscapes”
    Lucy Wojcik

  • Client spotlight BAE Systems

    "The real way Cipher helps us is that it is such an easy tool to use”
    Matt McBrien

  • Client spotlight ARM

    “It is no longer possible to keep abreast of all the competitor patent activity, at any reasonably cost. Cipher has helped us assess what’s going on and take advantage of the latest advances in data science applied to patent data”
    Phil David

  • Client spotlight Autoharvest

    “The automotive sector is changing faster than anyone imagined. Cipher Automotive is an important source of data for those needing to understand patented technologies”
    Jayson Pankin