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Smart IP Business Intelligence. Intangible Not Invisible.

  • Maximise value, minimise costs and mitigate risk
  • Instant, unlimited, in-depth reporting on your competition, your industry
  • Spot trends, study technologies, extract insight
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Competitive Intelligence

Who’s doing what through a patent lens providing crystal clear understanding and competitive intelligence.

Your space defined – your strategic decision making informed.

Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

Vivid, revealing and informative reporting on everything from day-to-day management of patent assets through to detailed internal reporting of IP strategy.

Cipher provides IP business intelligence to communicate with multi-disciplinary teams with attractive, interactive charts and visualisations.

Risk and Litigation

Risk and Litigation

Risk – inherent in business. Especially the business of IP. Not just the risk of litigation but commercial risk too.

The risks posed by new competitors, new technologies. The risks of making less than ideal business decisions based on less than ideal business information.

Cost Management

Comprehensive patent cost data at your fingertips.

Cipher complements your existing workflows, to bridge the gap between portfolio management and alignment with business strategy to enhance cost management and objective benchmarking.

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IP Strategy Reports, Publications

The Aistemos IP Strategy Report set out to answer one question: what is the level of understanding of intellectual property (IP) within companies? It has ended up as a more substantive piece of research...

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24th March 2017

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IPBC Global 2017

Ottawa, Canada

Aistemos is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of IPBC Global and we look forward to welcoming you at the Cipher stand in Ottawa! “For senior IP executives, convergence has become a pivotal issue. As...

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