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Blog | ACES HIGH – Intelligent Mobility 19 June | Frost & Sullivan

22nd June 2018 | Leave a comment

This year’s Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility conference was all about the ACES: Automated, Connected, Electric, Services. Close to 400 automotive professionals drawn from OEMs, their suppliers, start-ups and industry commentators convened to discuss how vehicle technologies including Advanced Driver Assist Systems, Connected and Automated Vehicles, Electrified Powertrains and Mobility Services are transforming both automobiles and the wider industry.

There was universal agreement that the automotive industry is changing at an unprecedented rate, from the component hardware-driven sector to a software and solutions-focused industry. ACES technologies will enable new mobility paradigms, new companies, and new business and revenue models to compete. What’s apparent is that the stakes are high. 85% of auto executives agree that the digital ecosystem will generate higher revenue than the hardware of the car itself (source: KPMG Global Auto Exec Survey 2017).

On the day, the opening keynote by Sarwant Singh, Frost & Sullivan and a panel involving senior leaders including Sebastian Peck of InMotion Ventures and Dr. Bernhard Blättel of BMW. This highlighted a level of industry consensus. First, that the pace of the ACES transition appears to be happening faster than anticipated even a year ago. Secondly, that convergence of these multiple automotive trends has the potential to dramatically change mobility.

Breaking down ACES into categories enhances understanding of the potential effect on the consumer, supply chain and ultimately the entire future of the automotive ecosystem.

Looking forward to the future of automotive business models, what will the consumers of the future demand? Frost & Sullivan VP Benny Daniels presented a forecast that 1 in 4 cars sold (18 million globally) will be highly automated vehicles (L3/4/5) by 2030 with key autonomous driving-based services to account for $200bn by 2030.

Place your bets. The 400 automotive leaders cast their vote and answered the following question: Which mobility model offers the largest monetisation opportunity?  Mobility as a Service (MaaS) led the pack over ridesharing, eHailing and Demand Responsive Transport. One thing for certain – the future is not car ownership.

The convergence of technologies will create a highly lucrative and dynamic market where the winners will be those who identify the technology trends and spot the potential opportunities, choose the right partners and make the right acquisitions, in order to successfully adapt to the new automotive paradigms. Cipher Automotive is designed to support all of these opportunities – the fast lane to finding automotive technologies.

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