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Report | Automotive Patent Trends 2018

31st May 2018 | Comments Off on Report | Automotive Patent Trends 2018

To coincide with the FT Future of the Car Summit on 15 May, we published Automotive Patent Trends 2018. This is the first publication to analyse patented technologies by reference to an industry-defined taxonomy and separately for each of the OEMs and their suppliers. A copy is available on application, please email to request your copy.

Nigel Swycher, CEO of Aistemos delivered a keynote at the Summit on Delivering a better understanding of innovation through a patent lens, followed by an interview with Peter Campbell, Motor Industry Correspondent for the FT. The presentation is available here.

From the Seldon patent in 1895 to the 400,000 patented technologies that exist today, the automotive sector remains a power-house of innovation. At this time of rapid transformation, and with the car being referred to as a smartphone on wheels, there is a real concern that the collaborative ethos that has dominated the sector for over 50 years will be disrupted by owners of technology essential to the future of the car.

Our aim is to ensure that the best information about the technology landscape is accessible to the teams responsible for the R&D and strategic decisions critical to success. Nigel’s explains how better data on technology trends inform R&D, M&A, investment and licensing, in each case by reference to a headline event such as Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye and Avanci’s recent 4G license to BMW.

In the words of Thomas A Edison“The value of an idea lies in the using of it” which in this context means that the largest library of scientific information is now available at your fingertips in the form of Cipher Automotive and it is free to use.

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Cipher Automotive is the first analytics platform optimised for the automotive sector and includes a taxonomy of 200 automotive technologies in the following categories: ADAS and autonomous, Electrification and hybrid; Interior electronics; Internal combustion engine; Mobility and connectivity; Safety and body; Steering breaking and suspension, and Transmission and driveline. For a taste of what Cipher Automotive delivers click here.