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26th September 2018 | Leave a comment

This week we had the privilege to attend the biannual CIP Forum in Sweden, hosted by CIP, Chalmers University and Gothenburg University. We have been a proud partner for a number of years, working with them to educate their students into next-generation innovation leaders, taking on interns and engaging with alumni.

On the first day, there were workshops in areas such as advances in data science, Industry 4.0, trade secrets and blockchain. Panels with experts were mixed up with CIP students presenting relevant academic thesis work.

Our CEO Nigel presented on a panel regarding latest advances in innovation data and we were also excited to hear multiple student groups that had been using Cipher’s machine learning capabilities as a core part of their research. The last session of the day also covered diversity in tech and IP, primarily the lack of women, where interesting views were shared from Philips, Ericsson and the Federal Trade Commission.

The second day focused on new technologies and transformation. The morning had a great keynote by Volvo Cars’ chief futurologist Aric Dromi about what AI brings and what it doesn’t. Maaike van Velzen of Philips emphasized that IP is an enabler and the scale of the problem that AI and IP can address.

The breakout sessions in the afternoon surrounding AI and ML featured speakers from PARC, Microsoft and Philips as well as our Head of Strategy, Marcus Malek, explaining the benefits of applying machine learning to patent data, as done in Cipher.


AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML featured speakers from PARC, Microsoft and Philips as well as our Head of Strategy, Marcus Malek

The last keynote for the day covered the changing role of IP professionals, where everyone agreed that corporate IP departments need to be fast-moving and the way to do it is to upskill, embrace data, new tools and information to drive efficiency.

The final day had globalization as the theme and a special focus on China. Various panels brought together to talk about both the “trade war” but also offering perspectives of whether China is leading the global innovation race and expanding outside of China, with examples such as Mobikes or Alipay terminals across Europe.

While the political climate and regulation contribute to friction or frustration, the general consensus seemed to be one of “growing pains” and that in the same way China mimicked the West and now excels in manufacturing, it is also experiencing issues of transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, where respect for IP, quality, education and strategy is key. There are some staggering numbers on the rate of change and increase, not only in filing patents but also the fact that the Chinese middle class is now about the size of that of US and EU middle classes combined.

CIP Forum 2018 was an open event and a place to learn new perspectives and network with thought leaders. Being part of the “CIP family” and helping train the next generation innovation and IP managers is something we are delighted to be a part of and excited to see that this generation is not bound by inherited inefficiencies and instead embrace analytics, machine learning and are committed to improving access to innovation data.

A big thank you to CIP and we look forward to the 2020 event.

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