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20th August 2018 | Comments Off on Blog | Cipher in the news

This year’s IP Strategy Report- disruption through a patent lens has caught the attention of mainstream and specialist media alike. Here are the highlights:

Wall Street Journal under the title The Fool’s Game of Picking the Electric Car Champ. Stephen Wilmot observes that “one way to get insight into future profitability is through patent data” But warns that this can give a skewed view if not considered along with other market data.

Bloomberg gives an in depth review of the topic under the headline Old-Style Combustion Engines Get More Patents Than Electrics.

By reference to this data, Nigel Swycher, CEO was quoted in these terms: “For now the internal combustion engine is core to automotive revenues and this will continue throughout the hybrid era. While the future will belong to the era of electrification, manufacturers continue to invest in both research and development and patents to improve the engine of today.”

This story was also followed by Journal Gazette and IndustryWeek.

There was also coverage of the Fintech trends in Financial News, under the banner Tech giants leave banks in the dust in race for fintech patents was the unprecedented gap in patent ownership between ‘tech giants’ and major banks. The article notes “US technology giants IBM, Google and Microsoft hold 10 times more fintech patents than the world’s 15 largest banks put together”. This theme was also taken up by Bank Innovation and Tech HQ, who both use Cipher data to question the banks aspiration to be ‘technology companies’.

Meanwhile, Internet of Business focussed on the IP Strategy Report’s focus on the dominance of China in the area of AI and Cloud technologies.

In this topic Swycher was quoted as saying: “Patents are absolutely critical to determining who owns the technologies that will define the future. The West has largely dismissed Chinese patenting as window dressing, but it tells you exactly what is happening inside the store. Based on the data, there is a real risk that China will take the lead across a number of foundational technologies.”

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Disruptive Technology through a patent lens.