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Blog | The Future Starts Here

8th October 2018 | Comments Off on Blog | The Future Starts Here

The Cipher team discovered where the future begins and what inventions are soon to be a reality, at the V&A’s exhibition The Future Starts Here. The expansive exhibition showcases emerging technologies, the ways in which they will affect our lives, and what choices we have to influence the development. It allows you to click, watch and listen to the ideas of the future. This interactive playground of the future did not disappoint.

The Future AI

As a team we work closely with global companies to understand what innovations will shape our future and assist those in disruptive industries to navigate the complex technology landscapes of tomorrow – this exhibition, therefore, felt inconceivably relevant.

One notable part of the exhibit was the fact that it was all about the physical, real products that will seamlessly integrate and affect our lives. “If we had done this five years ago it would have been very much about apps, but now the future is about physical things again,” says Rory Hyde, the V&A’s curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism, who with the architect Mariana Pestana curated the exhibition.

Robot Washing AI

From smart appliances to satellites, this exhibition brings together more than 100 objects either newly released or in development that point towards where society might be headed. The exhibition was split into four sections: Self, Public, the Planet the Afterlife. Among our favourites were genetically engineered super-salmon and a self-sailing ship that can clean up oil slicks and a chance to sit in an albeit stationary, self-driving car. On a wall is projected a film that traces the origins of mobile phones backwards from the users of the finished product via shipping lines and Asian assembly lines to African quarry workers hacking and sifting minerals from the earth. We were invited to manipulate the sandy terrain – as you dig deeper or build higher the interactive system changes the projection and lakes, rivers and snowy peaks instantly appear.

The prevailing mood of this exhibition is dystopian with concentrations of power and upheaval of the life that comes with disruptive technologies. This exhibition allowed us to experience first-hand what the future of design may look like along with the reality for humans.

The big question is, do you want to live forever? With the exhibition closing with illustrations of current advances in biotechnology and artificial intelligence, which allow us to redefine the true meaning of life. Some futurists today are taking seriously ideas that to most belong is science fiction, such as reawakening after death or uploading the contents of your mind onto a computer. What is however evident is the trend of preserving humanity.

The future is Cipher