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Case Study | Disruption in Aerospace & Defence

24th October 2018 | Leave a comment

“Cipher has been world class for us. It’s easy to use, it provides very powerful visual representations of what we own and importantly what our competitors have.”

Dr Bobby Mukherjee BAE Systems plc, Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property and Technology Law. 

BAE Systems plc is a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. It is among the world’s largest defence companies. Bobby and his IP team use Cipher to help communicate the importance of IP internally and to navigate complex technology landscapes. 


What are your core IP responsibilities?

Bobby is a qualified UK and European patent attorney with over 20 years’ experience of IP gained in private practice and at BAE Systems. Bobby leads the IP team at BAE Systems, which has one of the largest in-house IP teams in the UK. His career has mostly been spent obtaining and defending patent protection for new products, processes and services globally.


How is IP managed and valued in BAE Systems?

IP strategy in isolation doesn’t mean anything. We are building our portfolio within the constraints of our budget, but we also prune where we decide there is no longer any value. Active portfolio management is a key element of this.

In order to have a coherent patenting strategy, you have to be clear about the business technology strategies. IP has an impact in all aspects of our business. There is increased competitive pressure in our industry from new products and from new players coming onto the scene.


How important is innovation in the sector?

There are a large number of disruptive technologies: robotics, autonomy, cybersecurity and drones are key areas for us and for our competitors. The list also includes in human machine interfaces and areas such as energy storage and management. Now more than ever, it is important to monitor patent trends.  It’s important for us to stay ahead of the game, not to be complacent.


What value does Cipher add to the BAE Systems’ business?

Cipher has been world class for us. It’s easy to use, it provides very powerful visual representations of what we own and importantly what our competitors have. This is feedback on Cipher that we’ve had from my own team and the business.

The feedback from everyone has been that Cipher provides valuable insight. It’s really important to understand the landscape and what is going on because that is a vital element to the wider strategy.

It’s important to engage with people in the business and get feedback and not to operate in isolation. We’ve really enjoyed being a partner with you.

Read more about how Cipher helps you to report internally and find out more about the state of play in A&D with our exclusive interview with Dr Bobby Mukherjee. 

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