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IP Strategy Forum 2018

Rapidly developing technology and the rise of big data, artificial intelligence and real-time solutions is having a significant impact on the way innovation and IP can be developed, managed, and exploited by improving efficiency and reducing risk.

The second annual MIP IP Strategy Forum will identify trends in the evolution of IP, with a particular focus on expanding the relevance of IP strategy as a concept, looking at risk management procedures and opportunities, and how to navigate the digital revolution in automotive, financial services and pharmaceutical industries. It is imperative your business has an integrated IP strategy to maximise the value of your innovation and assimilate intellectual property issues collaboratively across the enterprise to support effective communication to the board. Throughout the one day forum, you will hear from IP leaders on how to implement effective management of the intangible asset, embracing technology to drive efficient growth of the legal profession: solving your brand’s counterfeit problem through your IP strategy; treating trade secrets as a board-level issue and understanding how data privacy and liability fits with the strategic management of IP issues.

The MIP IP Strategy Forum 2018 is an opportunity to debate the key issues that are driving enterprise value and to hear from experts that are helping to share the winning IP strategies of the future.