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The future of the automotive industry through an IP lens

10th July 2017 | Comments Off on The future of the automotive industry through an IP lens

On July 12 Cipher hosted an automotive webinar Automotive meets Autonomous – an IP impact assessment. We reviewed the current state of play through an IP lens and considered how OEMs and Tier 1s will mitigate IP risk at a time of epic disruption.
Nigel Swycher, CEO of Aistemos, was joined by guest speakers Jayson Pankin, CEO of AutoHarvest, the leading hub for automotive innovation and collaboration and Ken Seddon, CEO of LOTNetwork, an organisation committed to eliminating the patent troll problem.
They considered the rapid rate of change and the timescales to full electrification and autonomy. With such complexity and so many dependencies on the road to autonomous driving, increased collaboration is inevitable and should be welcomed.
Ken Seddon explained the importance of the LOTNetwork and its attractiveness to the automotive sector – much as we would prefer otherwise, the patent troll problem has not gone away. Ken supports strong patent protection, but the rewards must end up in the right pockets.
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