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While the banking sector has historically been slow to engage with patents, this is set to change as banks transform into technology companies to meet the challenges of Blockchain and the disruptive influence of all that is Fintech

Insight spotlight

Wall Street Journal looks into the future of electric cars through a patent lens

30th July 2018 | 0

While electric cars proliferate on the road, the new goal is set to sell mass-market electric cars for a profit. Want to pick your winners?  Stephen Wilmot from Wall Street…
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Blog | The importance of patents as banking and technology converge

12th March 2018 | 0

From peer-to-peer lending apps to robo-investment services and challenger banks such as Monzo, Fintech has become a disruptive force for banks and the broader financial services sector. These waves of…
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Report | Fintech disruption

7th February 2018 | 0

When banks say they are technology companies or severely invest in Fintech, what’s the right performance measure? Many CEOs or CTOs point to the sheer size of their engineering team,…
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  • Client spotlight MAHLE

    “Cipher Automotive makes unique use of artificial intelligence, and has excellent customer service which together improve the accessibility of complex patent data”
    Roger Gorges

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  • Client spotlight BAE Systems

    "The real way Cipher helps us is that it is such an easy tool to use”
    Matt McBrien

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  • Client spotlight BorgWarner

    “With Cipher in a few hours, I can produce a report that used to cost me $20,000 to do on the outside, and it’s far more relevant and useful than the $20,000 report I used to pay for”
    Chris Kowalsky

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  • Client spotlight ARM

    “It is no longer possible to keep abreast of all the competitor patent activity, at any reasonably cost. Cipher has helped us assess what’s going on and take advantage of the latest advances in data science applied to patent data”
    Phil David

  • Client spotlight Ocado Group PLC

    “As a leading technology company we need instant answers to who’s doing what. Cipher helps us navigate complex patent landscapes”
    Lucy Wojcik

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