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10th June 2018 | 0

Cipher Automotive Delivers Essential Patent Data for the Automotive sector London 5th June 2018 – Aistemos, the market leader in AI-powered patent analytics, today published Automotive Patent Trends 2018, the definitive…
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Cipher Automotive – the fast lane to finding patented technology

14th November 2017 | 0

We have just returned from Detroit commencing the roll-out Cipher Automotive. Whatever difficulties the city has experienced in recent years, is being firmly put in the rear view with the…
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Automotive insight learnt on the road

18th August 2017 | 0

Jo Hopley, partner at leading patent and trade mark attorney firm Keltie, along with Director Phil Baker, recently hosted an automotive roundtable for the Cipher team. With their permission, we have…
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The future of the automotive industry through an IP lens

10th July 2017 | 1

On July 12 Cipher hosted an automotive webinar Automotive meets Autonomous – an IP impact assessment. We reviewed the current state of play through an IP lens and considered how OEMs…
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What is Cipher Automotive?

4th June 2018 | 0

Access instant data, support research and development and enhance understanding with Cipher Automotive. Download an introduction to Cipher Automotive.

War or peace? No consensus on the road ahead for automotive

8th September 2017 | 0

The huge media frenzy about autonomous and connectivity make us want to ask “Are we there yet?”. But, the changes on the road will not happen overnight. The technologies are…
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Future Events

Join the Cipher team for the first in a series of Cipher Training Webinars. We will take you on a learning journey from basic to advanced features to help you become…
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The Future Powertrain Conference (FPC2019) is a two day UK event created to bring together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. It will open up presentations and…
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