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Changing of the Guard as CPA, LexisNexis mop up analytics firms

7th December 2015 | 2

“Changing of the Guard in the Patent Information Market”, an informative and thoughtful piece by Hugh Logue, was posted on Outsell Insight last Wednesday.  Seeing the words “changing guard” and “patent”,…
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After the gold rush — the end of the (banking) world?

18th January 2016 | 2

Writing for Global Banking and Finance Review this weekend, Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher again directed his focus on FinTech.  This is what he had to say: The end of the…
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From bragging rights to benchmarks: advice on the need to rate inventions

12th February 2016 | 0

While patents are undoubtedly of great importance in the protection of innovation and the encouragement of investment, anyone following the comments of analysts on Twitter and elsewhere would likely conclude…
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IP due diligence: one problem, four perspectives

9th December 2015 | 0

“IP Due Diligence — Making a Difference” was the title of a roundtable discussion hosted by Aistemos last Thursday under the Chatham House Rule.  Input reflected the views of the…
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Nasdaq: shifting tides of value and the IP tidal wave

25th November 2015 | 2

The IP Analytics contribution to this week’s IAM Weekly Industry Reports, researched and written by Aistemos, addresses the vagaries of the Nasdaq stock market, home to some of the world’s…
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Navigating the intangible landscape: in data we trust

24th February 2017 | 0

Here’s the very latest in our series navigating features built upon the survey conducted last year by Aistemos into IP strategy and attitudes found within the boardroom. Navigating the intangible…
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Future Events

Premier Circle along with Volvo Cars launch their 1st edition of IP Seminar. Join the Cipher Automotive team for 1 and a half day of in-depth discussions on IP in…
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