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Expanding a professional relationship: how can IP analytics help?

22nd June 2016 | 0

Many people assume that, since intellectual property is a niche topic, IP analytics is a niche within a niche, a recondite art that has little to offer the wider world…
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Unicorns: their message for the real world

25th April 2016 | 0

Back in February, in “What can unicorns tell us about the real world?”, here, this weblog discussed an article that Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher and his colleague Sebastian Müller-Borges wrote…
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After the gold rush — the end of the (banking) world?

18th January 2016 | 2

Writing for Global Banking and Finance Review this weekend, Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher again directed his focus on FinTech.  This is what he had to say: The end of the…
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Future Events

Cipher will be returning once again to Munich, Germany for the IP Service World 2018, Europe’s largest international IP trade fair and convention. The event features an exciting mix of…
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This is the first IP seminar hosted at Airbus, a prestigious European aircraft manufacturer, by premier circle.  The event will take place across two days of in-depth discussions on IP in…
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 The ever-changing reality of intangible assets has shifted towards the need for a more strategic and tech-enabled approach towards the management of the most valuable assets a firm owns –…
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