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Expanding a professional relationship: how can IP analytics help?

22nd June 2016 | 0

Many people assume that, since intellectual property is a niche topic, IP analytics is a niche within a niche, a recondite art that has little to offer the wider world…
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Unicorns: their message for the real world

25th April 2016 | 0

Back in February, in “What can unicorns tell us about the real world?”, here, this weblog discussed an article that Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher and his colleague Sebastian Müller-Borges wrote…
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After the gold rush — the end of the (banking) world?

18th January 2016 | 2

Writing for Global Banking and Finance Review this weekend, Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher again directed his focus on FinTech.  This is what he had to say: The end of the…
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Future Events

Join the Cipher team for the first in a series of Cipher Training Webinars. We will take you on a learning journey from basic to advanced features to help you become…
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The Future Powertrain Conference (FPC2019) is a two day UK event created to bring together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. It will open up presentations and…
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