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Lifting the lid: uncovering innovative technology in 2017

26th January 2017 | 0

New tech: what treasures lie within? In this, the second in a series of articles, with the aid of Cipher we can cast a light on what is next for…
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Universities transferring technology: beacons of light, or groping in the dark?

18th August 2016 | 0

“How universities can focus their patenting on technologies with the highest potential” is a recent post to Tech Transfer Central last week by David Schwartz. This post is triggered by an…
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Technology Landscapes

7th December 2016 | 0

Creating a Technology Landscape report will enable you to identify  who owns the patents in a particular technology space and understand the activity of established players and new entrants. Tutorial: Creating a…
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Cipher Automotive – the fast lane to finding patented technology

14th November 2017 | 0

We have just returned from Detroit commencing the roll-out Cipher Automotive. Whatever difficulties the city has experienced in recent years, is being firmly put in the rear view with the…
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Bloomberg uncovers the reign of conventional engine technology thanks to Cipher

2nd August 2018 | 0

How is the 140-old technology of combustion engines doing in the era of electrification? Surprisingly well,  Oliver Sachgau in his analysis for Bloomberg used Cipher to test the innovation trends around the technologies. Curious…
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Aistemos Collaboration with Centre for Technology Management at the University of Cambridge

20th November 2017 | 0

Centre for Technology Management at the University of Cambridge hosted a very interesting workshop on the Future of Patent Analytics in which Aistemos was the main industrial partner. It was attended…
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Future Events

The Automotive Legal & IP World Summit is the meeting place for the worldwide Legal, IP, Patent, Brand Protection and Trademark community. Covering all the key topics that are at…
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IPBC Europe

Designed by and for European IP owners, the programme for IPBC Europe 2019 will explore how IP managers inside the continent’s businesses can devise and build sustainable value creation programmes…
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WCX™ World Congress Experience is the mobility industry’s most anticipated annual event for forward-thinking engineers, executives, OEMs, suppliers, decision-makers, disruptors and the entire spectrum of the mobility-engineering field. Please get in…
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Building on three years of success in Detroit, IAM’s Auto IP USA will bring together the leading IP experts from across the automotive landscape. Through thought leadership, discussion and networking, attendees…
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Auto IP Europe on May 16 in Munich builds on last year’s inaugural edition to provide automotive IP professionals with a unique platform to learn, share best practice and discuss new…
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Premier Circle along with Volvo Cars launch their 1st edition of IP Seminar. Join the Cipher Automotive team for 1 and a half day of in-depth discussions on IP in…
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