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Cipher increases your ability to access information about global patenting trends and litigation. Used by many of the world’s top patent owners, Cipher is as a major improvement when compared to the significant amount of time and effort currently required to generate accurate and reliable results.

Advances in AI and machine learning mean that you now can generate objective and repeatable results at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches. This releases your valuable resources to high value tasks that only humans can do.

Cipher’s analysis can be delivered as a software subscription or for bespoke projects.

Innovation is crucial for the development and deployment of technology, and patents play a pivotal role in protecting the ideas that will shape the future. Now, as technology is increasingly driving the world’s business agenda, understanding the importance of the world’s 100m patents is more important than ever.

Cipher provides the patent analytics required by the multi-disciplinary teams who are driving the innovation agenda.

Solutions we provide

Cipher extracts insight from patent data to support your strategic decisions:

Identify risk icon

Identify Patent Risk

Cipher provides unique sector risk reports with comprehensive patent litigation and trend data. Discover new ways to understand risks in your sector, supply chain or new markets. It’s a comprehensive way to understand new entrants, in new territories and new technologies. We’ll help you identify vulnerability before somebody else does.

Mange costs icon

Manage Patent Costs

Cipher integrates cost data to calculate and project the costs of obtaining and maintaining patent portfolios. Charts and analysis enhances your ability to compare your spend over time and across geographies. The capability to benchmark against other similar organisations completes the picture often hidden from view.

Monitor the Competition

Cipher provides a full suite of analytics necessary for both a high level or granular analysis of the patenting activity of others. Conduct searches by reference to organisations or technologies. Design custom taxonomies using Cipher’s industry leading classifier algorithms. Generate charts, share results or export analysis – delivering the flexibility you need.

Internal Reporting

There’s a better way to communicating the importance of patents. Cipher offers a perfect blend of comprehensive data and powerful visualisations. Customise your dashboards, reports and metrics to the analysis you need and save time with regular reports. Equip your team with the ability to respond to urgent requests for data instantly.

Our projects

The Cipher Solutions team delivers bespoke projects. This is a great way to benchmark our capabilities against existing solutions. We focus specifically on your return on investment (ROI). Example of report types include:

Competitive intelligence report

provides an objective comparison with competitors and new entrants. Many Cipher’s charts and visulasations have been optimised to meet increased demand for this information.

Due diligence report

identifies the key issues that can affect value and risk across a range of M&A and licensing deals, saving both time and cost in this previously labour intensive task.

Patenting strategy

benchmarks your patenting strategy using customisable metrics including activity, territory, citations and cost.

Technology landscape report

harnessing Cipher’s unique approach to classification, a landscape report identifies trends by owner and over time, with the ability to focus on new entrants or specific regions.

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