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Harness AI to navigate complex technology landscapes

Equipped with a library of automotive technologies, Cipher Automotive answers the question who’s doing what? By harvesting the information locked within the patent system, we provide fresh insight into innovation across electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving.

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Technology analysis through a patent lens

At the heart of Cipher Automotive is the technology library, developed in collaboration with OEMs and Tier 1s. This approach delivers enhanced accuracy, essential for the R&D and strategy teams responsible for delivering the vehicles and services necessary for tomorrow’s mobility.

Engineering. Speed. Precision. Your values, our commitment

New challenges require new solutions

Millions of patents, billions of costs. The defining characteristics of intellectual property in the automotive sector. The next 20 years will be a period of epic disruption, where patents will play an increasingly important role:

  • Search by reference to a library of 200 technologies
  • Analyse competitors, new entrants or the global landscape
  • Harness AI and machine learning to achieve unrivalled levels of precision and recall
  • Integrate IP-backed business intelligence into the heart of research, development and corporate strategy

Evolution. We change with you.

Technology disrupts many sectors, perhaps none more so than automotive. Cipher Automotive will pave the road ahead with essential information. The future of mobility depends on collaboration and time to react. These decisions require an understanding of global technology trends. Better data means better decisions.

See how Cipher Automotive can drive you into the intelligence fast lane.

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“Understanding intellectual property is one of the essential skills that you need if you’re going to try and run a technology business or a company that’s developing technology.”

David Sharp - Ocado Technology 10x

Case study

Takata – What’s left after the crash?

Takata – What’s left after the crash?

On 26 June, Takata filed for bankruptcy in Japan and the US, and announced the sale of substantially all of its assets to Key Safety Systems (KSS) for US$1.6bn, with closing scheduled for Q1 2018.

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