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Competitive Intelligence

Access to Business Intelligence That’s More… Intelligent

As a leading innovator, you already understand your known competitors: who’s doing what, and where. Possibly even why.

But how easy is it to access the information you need, when you need it? How quick is it to compile management reports? How precise is your analysis? How creative? How flexible? How fast? And what about unknown competitors? Can you discover new threats and opportunities using your patent data as a reference point to start interrogating the rest of the IP universe?

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Advanced Data Science – Big Data Analytics

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cipher supplements your existing patent resources with quick, in-depth analysis of the technology landscape. Complementary profiling and reporting that until now has been too expensive and too time-consuming for most companies to commission.

  • Corporate Grouping – Identify all patents owned and acquired within complex corporate structures
  • Clustering – Analyse portfolios by reference to all available patent meta-data
  • Technology – Compare technologies by reference to your taxonomies
  • Similarity – AI improves precision and recall when considering what’s similar

New IP analytics and competitive intelligence that opens a world of fresh business insight and allows the teams responsible for innovation to incorporate a rich understanding of technology trends into day-to-day decision making.


See how Cipher can shine fresh light on competitive intelligence.

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“Competitive Intelligence is essential for all businesses – Cipher has combined good data science with user-friendly visualisations.”

Valerio Nannini - Nestlé

“It is no longer possible to keep abreast of all the competitor patent activity, at any reasonably cost. Cipher has helped us assess what’s going on and take advantage of the latest advances in data science applied to patent data.”

Phil David - ARM

“It is a tool that people in the business, not just specialists, can understand. It gives them a real opportunity to get insight into the technology landscape they are working in.”

Matt Mcbrien - BAE Systems

Case study

Major US software company uncovers competitor behaviour

Major US software company uncovers competitor behaviour

The IP team wanted to optimise their own international patenting strategy through a better understanding of the patent filing patterns of the most similar companies in their sector. Read how Cipher helps companies build a successful IP strategy.

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