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Cost Management

Cost Management

Measure, Manage and Master Your IP Costs - Maximize Your Impact.

Comprehensive patent cost data at your fingertips.

Cipher complements your existing workflows, to bridge the gap between portfolio management and alignment with business strategy to enhance cost management and objective benchmarking.

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Measure What You Manage

Comprehensive cost data supplied by more than 80+ patent attorney firms – translation fees, foreign counsel fees and selected filing route. All the mission critical information integrated to enable that you need to make quicker, better, money saving and revenue earning decisions.

Slice and dice the data instantly – by competitor, technology, territory or sector. You are in control.

  • Multiple entry points – search by company, technology, seed portfolio
  • Multiple data views – graphical and list views that you can export and share
  • Understand the past, predict the future – cost projections accurate to ± 10%


Strategic Alignment That Saves Money

Cipher’s cost analysis has revealed dramatic examples of misaligned corporate and IP strategy. For example, companies with significant patent cost and no discernable benefit – a good patent is a patent that adds value.

Cipher enables complex territorial analysis. Are there regional discrepancies? Why are competitors behaving differently? What’s going on in the supply chain? $1m does not go far when managing a complex portfolio – savings are within reach with instant access to Cipher reports.

Cost Effective and Self Funding

Cipher pays for itself. Your AI analyst to do the manual work, freeing up your time to think. Access real-time data delivering fresh insight on calculations that are impossible or impractical to generate by hand.

And it gets better. When budgets are tight, avoid the cost and delay of commissioning external reports. With Cipher, you can run all the reports you want.

Find out how Cipher delivers on its cost management promise.

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“Cipher’s ability to analyze patent portfolios by territory provided fresh insight into the patenting strategies of others. We have been able to benchmark our strategies with the help of the analytics and collaboration with the Aistemos team.”

Daniel Lin - VMware

“The real way Cipher helps us is that it is such an easy tool to use.”

Matt Mcbrien - BAE Systems

Case study

Global engineering company eliminates unnecessary portfolio costs

Global engineering company eliminates unnecessary portfolio costs

The IP team was mandated to save 15% from the budget without impacting the quality of the patent portfolio. Cipher’s unique and objective cost data provided a clearer view of its portfolio.

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