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Blog | Will artificial intelligence replace IP strategy?

23rd August 2017 | Leave a comment

AI has a strong foothold in the world of IP. At the recent international conference of the Licensing Executives Society (LESI), Nigel Swycher, CEO of Aistemos chaired a panel to consider the impact of AI on IP.
Francesco Zacco from the European Patent Office (EPO) reminded the audience that patent law requires a human inventor. However, machines are already compiling data to support patent applications, and the EPO is considering how AI can help with the identification of prior art.
Humans are always looking to the future for answers but the law can block progress, Eran Kahana of Stanford University accepts that the law’s attitude to AI will not stop the advance of technology, but may create barriers to its adoption. Eran has studied in detail the legal implications of an autonomous driver.
We are confident that analytics such as Cipher will enable fresh insight to be derived from the multiple sources of unstructured data relating to patents, licensing and litigation. Tony Clayton (former chief economist at the UK Intellectual Property Office and CEO of the Open register of Patent Ownership) makes a similar point in the recent Aistemos IP Strategy Report: “If there was better quality information about who owns intellectual property, that would provide a welcome boost to licensing and the corresponding reduction in litigation.”
Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will change the way we gather information, make decisions, and will redefine the role of computers in the workplace. The opportunities this presents are immense. Imagine a world where AI can invent (IBM predict that Watson will have this capability within 5 years), predict whether an invention is patentable and help steer R&D into areas free of infringement risk.
Nigel is confident about the direction of travel: “AI will not replace IP strategy it will enable it to become mainstream.”
For a more complete review, read the IAM IP Strategists column here.

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