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Cipher provides a customised platform that enables the mapping and tagging of patents to technology areas relevant to you.

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Manage Your Portfolio

Align your patent coverage to business priorities and optimise your budget 

Gather Competitive Intelligence

Identify opportunities and threats sooner by tagging everyone’s patents in the same way as yours

Monitor Technology Trends

Anticipate how a technology landscape changes and identify emerging competitors

Pricing One-off reports to enterprise subscription

Subscriptions Many of the world’s leading brands use Cipher to gain critical IP business intelligence everyday. A Cipher subscription offers the most cost-effective way to manage your portfolio, monitor competition, navigate risk and make the most of your investment.

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Projects Want to get critical insights into a new technology? Or to fast track due diligence for an M&A or licensing deal? Need a health check to navigate portfolio risk or help refining your patenting strategy? We make it easy and cost-effective with one-off reports and project pricing.

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Our projects

The Cipher Solutions team delivers bespoke projects. This is a great way to benchmark our capabilities against existing solutions. We focus specifically on your return on investment (ROI). Example of report types include:

Competitive intelligence report

provides an objective comparison with competitors and new entrants. Many Cipher’s charts and visulasations have been optimised to meet increased demand for this information.

Due diligence report

identifies the key issues that can affect value and risk across a range of M&A and licensing deals, saving both time and cost in this previously labour intensive task.

Patenting strategy

benchmarks your patenting strategy using customisable metrics including activity, territory, citations and cost.

Technology landscape report

harnessing Cipher’s unique approach to classification, a landscape report identifies trends by owner and over time, with the ability to focus on new entrants or specific regions.

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Over $40 billion invested in patents each year with only 19% of companies believing they own the right patents. Google, Facebook and Red Hat urge patent owners to focus on strategic benefit

25th March 2020 | Comments Off on Over $40 billion invested in patents each year with only 19% of companies believing they own the right patents. Google, Facebook and Red Hat urge patent owners to focus on strategic benefit

Cipher, the leading provider of Strategic Patent Intelligence, published the first global report today on optimising investment in patents. The key findings include: Over $40 billion is spent on patents…
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Cipher Report on Portfolio Optimisation

16th March 2020 | Comments Off on Cipher Report on Portfolio Optimisation

Last year Cipher conducted a global survey in collaboration with IAM to ascertain whether organisations believe they have too many patents, too few or both, whether their business strategy is…
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Cipher and the Internet of Things

2nd December 2019 | Comments Off on Cipher and the Internet of Things

Let’s start with a question: are you finding it difficult to place your business in the fast-growing world of the Internet of Things? This sense of uncertainty sat at the…
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  • Client spotlight ARM

    “It is no longer possible to keep abreast of all the competitor patent activity, at any reasonably cost. Cipher has helped us assess what’s going on and take advantage of the latest advances in data science applied to patent data”
    Phil David

  • Client spotlight BorgWarner

    “With Cipher in a few hours, I can produce a report that used to cost me $20,000 to do on the outside, and it’s far more relevant and useful than the $20,000 report I used to pay for”
    Chris Kowalsky

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  • Client spotlight Ocado Group PLC

    “As a leading technology company we need instant answers to who’s doing what. Cipher helps us navigate complex patent landscapes”
    Lucy Wojcik

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  • Client spotlight BAE Systems

    "The real way Cipher helps us is that it is such an easy tool to use”
    Matt McBrien

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  • Client spotlight MAHLE

    “Cipher Automotive makes unique use of artificial intelligence, and has excellent customer service which together improve the accessibility of complex patent data”
    Roger Gorges

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