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“I’m delighted how we’ve implemented LexisNexis Cipher. We’ve reduced 10-year expenses by nearly half by moving from a system where filings were based on headcount growth, to one where we systematically identify weakness in our portfolio, and file where necessary to ensure our patent ‘wall’ is maintained.” Rob Calico, Vice President IP and Litigation, ARM

“Because LexisNexis Cipher is an automated platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is able to uncover companies of relevance, that we might never have discovered on our own.” Jared Engstrom, Head of Patent Development, Red Hat

“LexisNexis Cipher has been world class for us. It’s easy to use and it provides very powerful visual representations of what we own and importantly what our competitors have.” Dr Bobby Mukherjee, Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property and Technology Law, BAE Systems plc

“Our issue was how to fit other companies’ portfolios into that same framework that we use and there’s just no other tool other than LexisNexis Cipher that can do that.” Bob Pechman, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Seagate Technology

“As a leading technology company we need instant answers to who’s doing what.LexisNexis Cipher helps us navigate complex patent landscapes.” Lucy Wojcik, Head of IP, Ocado

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