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Cipher is a leading provider of strategic patent intelligence, innovating at the intersection of intellectual property (IP) and artificial intelligence (AI). Our software, Cipher, is used by world leading companies to navigate complex and novel technologies protected by 100 million patents owned by over one million companies. Help companies access competitive intelligence about fast moving technology trends.

Our mission is to provide a rational basis for analysing the value and risk associated with intangible assets – a trillion-dollar asset class. With real-time access and powerful visualisations, Cipher is leading the way on how to communicate the importance of IP.

Our leadership team is made up of people with real world experience of what the market needs and how it should be delivered. And they’re passionate about moving the industry forward and leading on the big ideas and crucial insights around intellectual property. 

It’s a great time to join in, please get in touch at We’re still proudly in the early years of our history, but this is a fast-growth business that’s already serving some of the world’s major companies, their advisors and investors, enabling them to make better decisions faster. We’re passionate about our work and inspired by the impact it has for our customers. We’ve maintained that essential start-up mentality where fresh thinking and curiosity are the norm. Plus, as one team, we believe in collaborating to reach shared goals, and developing through challenging and meaningful experiences.

You can expect a highly-competitive salary, holiday and pension package, plus all of the great benefits that come with working with an exciting and progressive technology business based in the heart of London.

What employees say about working at Cipher

“At Cipher, our people are smart, intellectual and commercially minded. I love working with people whose ideas are progressive and being able to learn from industry experts with a vision”  Chuck, Tech Team


“Every day I look forward to coming to work. We are always finding new opportunities and learning in new ways. Collaboration is a key part of our team at Cipher and I’ve personally felt a great deal of mentorship here”  Mehnaaz, Solutions Team


“Cipher is a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We are encouraged to think outside of the box, share ideas, and be curious. We are ambitious and diverse, and we are always learning from each other”  Guru, Commercial Team


“What we do is very unique. We are changing the way that people work for the better and enhancing IP capabilities beyond what had been possible before us”  Francesca, Marketing


“At Cipher we are good listeners, and everyone has a voice. We are helpful and curious and try to push each other beyond our comfort zones!” Federica, Solutions Team

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