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In-person and online Events

Cipher’s knowledgeable staff are regularly invited to speak at major IP conferences and seminars across the globe.  At other events, we will have a booth for those interested in learning what our platform has to offer.  Meetings with the Cipher team can be booked in advance, if we are visiting your city or region.

Our informative, free, 60-minute webinars are led by Cipher experts, with the occasional influential guest from the world of patents.

All materials shown and discussed at our events are made available online.  For webinars, a recording link is provided to those registered, and also linked from the event page.

Our Events listing

IPBC Global

We are looking ahead to a fantastic event in San Diego. IPBC Global will take place 12 and 14 June 2023 and brings together leading IP Professionals.
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IP Counsel Cafe Annual Palo Alto Meeting

We will be joining the conversation on Hidden Risks and Opportunities at IP Counsel Cafe’s Annual Palo Alto Meeting, on 2 to 4 May 2023.
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7th European Intellectual Property Forum

We are looking forward to attending the 7th European Intellectual Property Forum in Berlin on 27 and 28 April 2023.
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IPBC Europe

Visit our booth to meet the team. Nigel Swycher moderates a masterclass on the topic of Handling Emerging Risks (Wed 29 March).
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World IP Review Summit

Cipher is looking forward to delivering a presentation at World IP Review Summit, taking place in Chicago 16 to 18 March 2023.
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Webinar – Who Are Your Real Threats?

How can you identify who is a real threat to your company? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more now.
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Detailed Case Studies

How does Cipher work in real-life situations? How has it helped IP and patent departments, or legal professional service teams to put together information for their clients?

Read how Cipher customers obtained specific data for projects, managed their patent portfolios, and measured patent risk.

Our Case Studies

How law firms can use data analytics to build long term partnerships with their clients

Calum Smyth, Partner at Wiggin LLP, explains how law firms can become true advisers to their clients by harnessing the latest advances in technology and data analytics.
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CFC Underwriting on being data led to accurately assess IP insurance risk

Maddi Brown, Intellectual Property Practice Leader at CFC Underwriting Ltd, shares how Cipher has helped to understand and quantify IP insurance risk.
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Seagate on keeping up with technology changes

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at Seagate, Bob Pechman explains the pressures of supporting the business during a period of rapid technological change and how Cipher helps see the patent landscape through Seagate’s own technology lens.
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Centrica on the value of Cipher

Charles Clark, Director of Intellectual Property at Centrica, discusses the efficiency gains from using Cipher and the tasty bits of data gleaned from using Cipher’s AI over conventional search.
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Richardson Oliver Insights on the challenges of IP Teams

COO of Richardson Oliver Insights, Erik Oliver, talks about the challenges faced by IP teams with managing high value portfolios and the increased demand for both better data and better ways to communicate the value of patents.
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Red Hat on using the Cipher Optimisation Model

Jared Engstrom, Head of Patent Development, talks about the growth in Red Hat’s portfolio, how he has used Cipher’s custom classifiers and how the Cipher Optimisation model has improved their understanding of the competitive landscape.
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Cipher Vision Podcast

Cipher’s monthly podcast, Cipher Vision is now into its third season.  Each episode has co-hosts Nigel Swycher (CEO) and Francesca Levoir (Head of Marketing) and a notable guest discuss an IP or patents-related topic.

Guests have covered a range of subjects, from valuation and sustainability through to diversity and machine learning.

Cipher Vision episodes are under 25 minutes and are ideal to listen to during a short break or journey.

Cipher Vision podcast index

At War With Cybersecurity

Episode 2 in Season 3 features Jared Engstrom, Senior Director, IP Strategy at CrowdStrike joined us to discuss how pivotal patents are to a strategic security strategy.
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Innovation-led Sustainability

Episode 1 in Season 3 features Gregorio Ossola, Head of Corporate Solutions at one.five. Greg shared with us the importance of a data-led approach to sustainability.
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Communicating the Impact of Innovation

In our holiday special, Episode 11, Season 2, our hosts Francesca and Nigel introduce a medley of the best snippets from Series 2. Tune in to enjoy our highlights and key takeaways.
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Understanding Patent Value

Episode 10 in Season 2 features Jay Yonamine, Product Manager, GEO, Google, who shared with us his perspective on patent value, his thoughts on existing valuation methods and what the future could look like, given the possibilities and limitations of ML and AI.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IP

Episode 9 in Season 2 features Mike Binns and Braxton Davis, both Associate General Counsel at Meta. They shared with us their experience pioneering DEI in the workplace and the current initiatives that they are working on, including ADAPT and The NCPP.
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Investing in IP

Episode 8 in Season 2 features Julian Moore, Managing Director, Technology Corporate Finance at Houlihan Lokey. Julian shared with us his experience and understanding of investing in the IP analytics field, and more.
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