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Webinar | AI and IP – a meeting of minds

29th January 2018 | Comments Off on Webinar | AI and IP – a meeting of minds

I have a choice. I can choose to play Go. I can choose to sleep. Computers cannot.
Over the last month, we have been preparing for the next Cipher webinar asking whether and how Artificial Intelligence will change the fundamental constructs of intellectual property law and practice.
We explore the topic from three very different perspectives.
First, invention. The creation of the new. The ability that has enabled us to evolve faster than any other species. But we don’t think for a moment that without Edison we would have no light bulbs. Of course not. Westinghouse and many others were close on his tails. The Iprova interview explores how technology can be deployed to increase the odds that it will be you who is first past the post.
Secondly, liquidity. The reason why IP is not universally recognised as an asset class is the belief that IP valuers live in courtrooms. We interview Erich Spangenberg about his new venture, IPwe. If technology can help with price discovery, then there will be more transactions. The interview discusses his ideas for turning theory into practice.
Thirdly, licensing. SEP licensing is still not rational. We ask Lew Zaretzki to explain how 3 recent cases come up with 3 answers to the question how many SEPs are there? The problem is a blend of lack of resources and bias – there are too many patents for humans to read, and not enough objectivity. Steve Harris, Aistemos CTO and Lew will discuss whether AI can provide a more rational approach.
Webinar host and Aistemos CEO, Nigel Swycher, extends the invitation in these terms: “This is not a thought experiment. For too long we have been forced to perform repetitive tasks manually. Now there are alternatives in all areas of IP”.
Technology can be integrated into many aspects of the IP lifecycle, from creation to monetization. We do, however, need to make a choice.
To access the recording of the webinar please click here.