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CIPHER – a world’s first

5th September 2014 | Comments Off on CIPHER – a world’s first

We have announced the commercial launch of CIPHER on 18 September.  It is worth reflecting on our journey so far, and what we have achieved.
We have developed the world’s first IP business intelligence product to aggregate, analyse and visualise the world’s data relating to patents and associated litigation and licensing events for the wider business community.
This claim is a mouthful, and it is fair to ask what it means and whether it is true, or just marketing hype.  Here’s our answer:

  • The world’s first business intelligence product for the wider business community – our pilot group now stands at 65 organisations made up of companies, lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurers, consultants, patent attorneys, venture capitalists, licensing entities and more.  Never before have such a diverse range of professionals had a common language to enable them to share the insights that can be derived from IP data.
  • Aggregation, analytics and visualisation – we have signed and announced our arrangements with Thomson Reuters and cementing our relationship with the leading provider of intellectual property data provides a world class foundation for analytics.  Taken together with our relationships with Lex Machina (litigation), Patent Freedom (NPE litigation), ktMINE (licensing), 1790 Analytics (corporate tree) and Relecura (patent strength),this makes CIPHER the first product to provide in a one place, a holistic analysis of the IP landscape.

The commercial launch is a significant milestone, but is only the start. As stated by Nigel Swycher, CEO, AISTEMOS, “We will continue to aggregate additional datasets to provide a trusted Big Data solution to an asset class that has to this point been obscured by unnecessary complexity”.