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Cipher and the Internet of Things

Let’s start with a question: are you finding it difficult to place your business in the fast-growing world of the Internet of Things? This sense of uncertainty sat at the core of IAM’s IP Internet of Things conference earlier this month and is a common feeling shared by many companies.

In the realms of IoT, one thing is for certain: this developing system is not homogenous. Different companies define IoT in different ways and in ways that are adapted to their business and their technologies. It’s therefore not surprising that keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing or what trends are emerging in your technology area has never been harder. Having an accurate and continually live overview of your area of IoT could not be more critical. 

Enter Cipher: a customised platform that builds taxonomies based on technology areas relevant to you. 

Imagine a world where the unknowns within your technology area become known. 

Imagine having instant access to selected technologies and mapping them against a taxonomy built on your definition of IoT. 

Imagine a platform that is objective, repeatable and responsive. 

Imagine, Cipher.