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Cipher Automotive – the fast lane to finding patented technology

14th November 2017 | Comments Off on Cipher Automotive – the fast lane to finding patented technology

We have just returned from Detroit commencing the roll-out Cipher Automotive. Whatever difficulties the city has experienced in recent years, is being firmly put in the rear view with the excitement around the next generation of electrification and autonomous driving. Detroit is the US home of the automotive sector, and all the OEMs and their suppliers are heavily represented. This provided a great opportunity to gauge the reaction to Cipher Automotive.
Cipher Automotive is first patent analytics software to focus specifically on the sector. It includes a taxonomy of automotive technologies. This enables reports on technologies, regions or companies to be generated in a fraction of the time when compared to the conventional alternatives. The high watermark of our visit was hearing that an OEM had been quoted $200,000 for a report that Cipher Automotive can generate in seconds. For those who wonder what this is, click here.
The reaction to classification by technology is how? The short answer is software Classifiers, using machine learning and neural networks (in other words, AI). But that’s missing the point. The real question is what? Cipher Automotive has the ability to deliver fast and reliable access to patented technologies. The feedback we received was unequivocal – access to analytics eliminates manual and expensive landscaping, liberating time and energy for higher value activities.
Our US tour did not stop in Detroit, and we continued on to the West Coast, home of Tesla and Waymo. These are very different companies, both to traditional OEMs and each other. Tesla’s fortunes are riding on the Model S, and while investors shrug off delays, on the ground there is a palpable feeling of tension and excitement. We were fascinated to witness first hand the evolution of the supply chain. On the one hand, the OEMs such as Ford and Volvo have ADAS R&D centres, and on the other AI tech companies, such a Nvidia continue to play an important role.
This is the trailer for Cipher Automotive:

We are grateful for the support of OEMs and Tiers 1 leading up to the successful launch of Cipher Automotive. To request a demonstration or to find out more, click here.