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Cipher n/d Powered by AST – data for evidence-based decisions

4th February 2019 | Comments Off on Cipher n/d Powered by AST – data for evidence-based decisions

Patents are notoriously hard to value, which makes licensing (and cross-licensing) of large patent portfolios exponentially harder. In most markets, price discovery is facilitated by a mass of accessible information about comparable transactions. This luxury is not afforded in the world of patents, as the vast majority of licensing deals are confidential.

On a positive note, there is a broad measure of agreement on the approach that needs to be taken, and a simple formula that takes into account the numerator (number of patents the licensor holds), denominator (number of patents in the world relating to the product), the significance of each component to the product, the quality of the portfolios, the royalty rate, and the product revenue.

This approach is not new, but by automating some of the most time consuming parts of the analysis, Cipher n/d opens up this capability to many more IP teams that don’t have the resources to attempt this analysis manually. It maps patents to the AST Product Taxonomy, and shows the denominator, removing the time-consuming, tedious, and error prone mapping task.

When used in combination with revenue and royalty data, this opens the door to evidence based decisions to enhance internal war games and provides an objective basis to present portfolio wide views in negotiations. The benefits flowing from this approach are very significant – small margins make a big difference when dealing within populations of thousands of patents and billions of revenue.

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 “Our collaboration with Cipher provides an unbiased view of companies’ patent portfolios by using our industry accepted taxonomy that can be used as a reference point to add rationality to licensing negotiations”

Russ Binns, CEO of AST.

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