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Connecting the Autonomous World – Connect2Car

17th January 2019 | Comments Off on Connecting the Autonomous World – Connect2Car

The Cipher Automotive team hit the road as part of their January roadshow and attended the Connect2Car in Las Vegas.

Connect2Car is part of the much larger conference that brings cross-industry experts to the technology bolt hole to discuss disruption, emerging trends and how best to move forward, Fast. It is the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to their marketplace. The programme covered the ins and outs of all things automotive from the future of transportation, aftermarket connectivity, artificial intelligence, to how the government is working with OEMs when it comes to the world of autonomous vehicles.




Connect2Car not only held discussions it also gave the team opportunities to explore the road in driverless mobility and test drive the latest technologies that will support the future of self-driving cars, including parking assist, collision avoidance, emergency braking and much more – all packed into the enormous 300,000 sq. Foot conference with 250,000 attendees.




Connect2Car illustrated the reality of the technologies that will support driverless mobility including; 5G, IoT platforms, anti-collision systems, emergency breaking but also on the technologies that enhance the ride experience. The focus on autonomous vehicles has enabled new technological development for the in-car experience; changing interior lights, aromas and scents to create the ‘perfect’ passenger experience.

At the flick of a button, passengers can turn their windscreens into an in-car cinema. If that’s not next-generation automotive – what is?




The Samsung subsidiary Harman put on an unforgettable experience; which aimed not only to demonstrate the connected car but also how the connected car, connects to our daily lives.

Harman aims to integrate this in-car experience with a user’s smartphone seamlessly so that they can use their favourite personal assistant apps in their vehicles much like in their homes. There is a growing trend towards seamless interconnectivity by other innovators including the BMW release in 2018.

The Cipher Automotive team are proud to be supporting some of the world’s great automotive innovators in their race to make level 5 autonomous vehicles a reality.