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Report | Fintech disruption

7th February 2018 | Comments Off on Report | Fintech disruption

When banks say they are technology companies or severely invest in Fintech, what’s the right performance measure? Many CEOs or CTOs point to the sheer size of their engineering team, others refer to their R&D spend. Both are valid measures, but are only inputs.

In this report, we compare banks and established technology companies through a patent lens. This is a tangible measure of how companies protect the output of their investment. All data has been generated using Cipher, our leading analytics software using AI and machine learning to analyse patent information.

“IBM owns 5x more Fintech related patents than all the banks put together.”

Fintech patents Cipher

Our view is that many of the banks have significantly underestimated the importance of patents. Patents are no longer merely weapons of war but can play an important role on a number of levels.

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