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20th April 2020

Automotive Safety and Security

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There are four key trends driving change across the automotive industry and its supply chain. These are loosely categorised as diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity. Each of these presents challenges and opportunities for automotive manufacturers, their suppliers and a whole league of new disruptive technology players. There are winners and losers as the industry evolves to meet the demands of consumers along with more stringent environmental & safety standards.

The article below explores the following key points:

  • Investment in Automotive Safety & Security continues to gather pace
  • Significant progress made in Passive Safety Technologies for Pedestrian Protection
  • Pedestrian Safety is a material area of investment within Autonomous Vehicle Research
  • Millimeter Wave Radar is the leading sensing technology ranking ahead of both Lidar and Radar in patent flings over recent years
  • Cyber risk, the vulnerabilities are understood, but there is work to do

To find out who the key players and emerging technologies are in the safety and security space, download our report now. If you’d like to learn about how Cipher has generated this Competitive Intelligence insight using our Automotive taxonomy, get in touch directly.

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