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Benchmarking your patent portfolio survey

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Do you think benchmarking is necessary to manage your portfolio? What metrics do you use to benchmark? Are you finding it hard to communicate the value of your patent portfolio?

If you’re asking these questions, we want to hear from you!

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At a time when patent budgets are facing increased scrutiny, being able to benchmark is crucial to managing your portfolio effectively and communicating any proposals and strategic decisions that enhance the value of your portfolio.

This month we are conducting a global survey in collaboration with IAM about ‘Benchmarking your patent portfolio’ so that we can better understand why you benchmark your portfolio and what metrics you use.

Please take 10 minutes to complete our survey and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a free ticket to IPBC Global 2021. You will also receive an exclusive copy of the findings before official release.

Take Benchmarking Survey

Take a look at this quick video that displays how Cipher helps you benchmark your patent portfolio.

To download your own copy of the analysis shown in this video, fill out the form below.

Learn more about how Cipher can help with Benchmarking or get in touch directly if you have any questions about the survey.

‘Benchmarking Patent Portfolio Example Analysis’ PDF Download



Get your copy of an example analysis of benchmarking your patent portfolio

In this example you will discover,

  • how Cipher can use benchmarking metrics to enable strategic analysis
  • key findings from conducting this benchmarking analysis

Benchmarking patent portfolio example analysis

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With Cipher you can…

Optimise your portfolio

Ensure you have the right portfolio to meet your strategic patenting objectives.

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Gather competitor intelligence

Understand who’s doing what by automating patent to technology mapping.

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Model cross licensing

Combine patent and revenue data to determine rational licensing outcomes.

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Manage your budget

Justify patent budgets to CFOs and others to communicate the impact of your investment.

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Conduct due diligence

Automate manual reviews for efficient execution of M&A and licensing transactions.

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Tackle inbound patent assertion

Be prepared with evidence to create a fast and effective threat assessment.

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Benchmark your portfolio

Assess your portfolio in comparison to other owners through your technology lens.

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Monetise your portfolio

Identify opportunities to create value through licensing or sale of patent assets.

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