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Patent budgets triggered by Covid – cutting not wounding webinar

16th June 4:00pm BST and 18th June 9:00am BST.
Secure your place on our webinar on Patent Budgets triggered by Covid where we will discuss the use of economic models that help identify areas in your patent portfolio contributing less value to your patent strategy.

COVID 19: Mitigating the Impact of Patent Budget Cuts in Recession

Covid-19 has caused greater scrutiny of patent budgets and a need to cut costs – so where are you supposed to start?

Video Conferencing

See how the patent activity of video conferencing has changed over time.

Patents are now ants

What are the similarities between a patent colony and an ant colony?

Cloud Computing

See how the patent activity of cloud computing has changed over time.

The world’s leading IP strategists

Nigel Swcher, CEO of Cipher is named as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists by IAM 300.

IP, the next cyber

The CFC 2019 Summit in Chicago focuses on how the nature of risk has changed

What is stalling the growth of the patent insurance market?

Rating IP insurance premiums requires an objective and reliable view of who own’s what patent assets and a good understanding of the litigation landscape

AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit, Berlin

Cipher now includes international litigation data

Cipher n/d powered by AST – data for evidence-based decisions

Cipher n/d maps patents to the AST Product Taxonomy, removing the time-consuming, tedious, and error prone mapping task.

Using AI classifiers to automate patent landscapes


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