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Machine Vision

Machine vision plays a major role in robotics and automated manufacturing processes. Investment in the space is seen through the increased level of patent activity over the last decade. Find out who the key players are by accessing this complimentary patent landscape.

Swarm Robotics

See which robotics technology area is leading with the most patent activity over time.

Augmented reality top patent owners: 2010-2019

See who has filed the most augmented reality patents over time.

Delivery Drones Patent owners from 2010

Where is your next food order coming from? We have taken a look across the patent landscape of parcel deliveries by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Automation meets automation

Cipher launches its new Industrial Automation module

Industrial Automation – More Patent Intelligence

At times of epic disruption from technology, all sectors face the same systemic threat.

Patent Intelligence – Industrial Automation

The top 50 industrial automation companies own more than 350,000 active patent families…

Counter drones – watch this (air)space

The last two years have seen a surge in innovation within the anti-drone area.


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