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Using AI classifiers to automate patent landscapes

Medtech – where patents are a matter of life and death

There is a curious fact at the heart of MedTech. Against a backdrop of ageing populations, people living longer and a growing middle class (China in particular), the sector’s future is undoubtedly bright.

Cipher CEO Nigel Swycher offers his perspective on why 2019 is another big year for IP

Supersonic IP seminar @ Airbus

IP Service World 2018 – Are you ready to tip?

Aerospace and Defence patent report – Under attack from innovation

Patents have historically been important to Aerospace and Defence, the way in which they have been understood and exploited is about to change.

AST powers Cipher n/d to increase rational licensing and reduce patent litigation

Beringea backs Aistemos to harness AI to map and analyse global innovation

AI throws light on Automotive industry’s billion dollar intellectual property

Automotive Patent Trends is the definitive guide to who’s protecting what across electrification, autonomy and connectivity.

The importance of patents as banking and technology converge

It is becoming more important than ever for organisations to adapt their IP strategy to ensure that it is aligned to their core business strategy.

Aistemos joins LOT Network

The start of Cipher

Read about why Cipher came into being.


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