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25th February 2021

Cipher Benchmarking Study

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Cipher benchmarking study in collaboration with IAM

The Cipher benchmarking study shows 98% of patent owners understand the importance of benchmarking and adopt this approach for their patent strategy. Over half, however, complain about the time and expense of benchmarking patent portfolio. Almost the same number state that there is a lack of objective and reliable data. This is more than a coincidence, it’s causation. It makes the task hard enough and it’s human nature to avoid it.

Throughout November 2020, Cipher conducted the first global survey in collaboration with IAM to understand the importance of benchmarking and the role it plays in forming a patenting strategy. It also delved into the best practice that has developed for patent owning organisations. With more scrutiny around patent portfolios, benchmarking is seen as a way to communicate patenting strategy to CFOs, CTOs and the business more generally.

Benchmarking is storytelling with data.

Daryl Bradley, Head of Patent Prosecution, ARM

Four Key Findings have come to light:

  • Benchmarking is mandatory for patenting strategy
  • Understanding your competitors is a fundamental requirement of benchmarking
  • Benchmarking at the technology level is best practice
  • Main obstacles to benchmarking are cost, lack of reliable & objective data & time

Access Key Findings

To continue the discussion prompted by these eye-opening key findings, Cipher and IAM hosted a webinar on Benchmarking your patent portfolio – the key to your patenting strategy .

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The key takeaways of the report are:

  • Benchmarking is a core competence for all IP professionals
  • An objective and repeatable process is vital
  • Machine learning offers a reliable repeatable solution to manual tasks

Cipher Benchmarking Study Report

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With Cipher you can...

Portfolio Optimisation connecting cogs

Optimise your portfolio

Ensure you have the right portfolio to meet your strategic patenting objectives.

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Competitive Intelligence

Gather competitor intelligence

Understand who’s doing what by automating patent to technology mapping.

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Cross Licensing

Model cross licensing

Combine patent and revenue data to determine rational licensing outcomes.

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Manage your budget

Justify patent budgets to CFOs and others to communicate the impact of your investment.

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Conduct due diligence

Automate manual reviews for efficient execution of M&A and licensing transactions.

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Tackle inbound patent assertion

Be prepared with evidence to create a fast and effective threat assessment.

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Benchmark your portfolio

Assess your portfolio in comparison to other owners through your technology lens.

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Monetise your portfolio

Identify opportunities to create value through licensing or sale of patent assets.

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Technology Trends icon

Predict technology trends

Track new technologies of today and discover the unknown owners of future disruptive innovation.

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