Webinar Replay | How to Justify Your Patent Budget

How do you justify your patent budget to executives? Watch our webinar recording for insight on how you can confidently manage your spending.

Webinar – Who Are Your Real Threats?

Identify who is a real threat to your company in this webinar, covering a threat barometer analysis, and how to triage your threats.

How to use ML to create your own patent landscape webinar

How can you build in-house ML capabilities to improve efficiency? Our webinar shows how building your own classifiers enables you to do just that.

Automotive Lidar Webinar- Understanding the implications of rapid change

Automotive Lidar is rapidly changing – are you up to speed? View the joint webinar from Global Prior Art and the Cipher team.

How to Implement Risk Mitigation Strategies Webinar

How can you reduce the patent risk that you face? In our 60-minute webinar recording, we will help you identify your threats, and plan ahead.

Cipher Certified Webinar

How can you build your own view of the technology landscape? Our webinar recording shows how Cipher can help you build your own classifiers.

ML4Patents Cipher and the Universal Technology Taxonomy Webinar

We joined ML4Patents to discuss machine learning within Cipher’s Universal Technology Taxonomy. Access the full recording plus a UTT handout.

Preparation and Readiness: How to proactively manage patent risk

81% of patent owners face a degree of risk in the next two years. Become ready to deal with potentially catastrophic events by accessing this full webinar recording.

Patent Risk Management Webinar

How can a structured approach to the management of patent risk drastically improve communication within your organisation and mitigate potentially catastrophic risks? Watch our webinar to find out.

AI in the IP Department Webinar Recording

Watch our webinar replay to learn how to achieve an optimal balance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

ML4Patents Cipher webinar

Cipher joined the ML4Patents webinar series to discuss the benefits of automated approaches in IP and how you can make sense of patent data to communicate the strategic value of your patent portfolio.

Calculating Patent Portfolio Return on Investment

Jeremiah Chan (Head of Patents at Meta), Nigel Swycher (Cipher CEO), and Steve Harris (Cipher CTO) discuss using the Return on Investment framework as a metric to compare different patent portfolio strategies and communicate this to the wider business.


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