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19th May 2020

Flavour Enhancers

See how the patent activity of flavour enhancers has changed over time.

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In the beginning we were all very content with the traditional four tastes: sweet, sour, salt and bitter. These were the only words we knew of that described our food-related sensations.

How times have changed! We are now familiar with new tastes like umami and kokumi, but what’s next? Now’s your chance to learn more about how the food industry is creating new flavours to improve not only savoury products but also alcohol-free beers and many other product categories.

Cipher has taken a look into the patent landscape of Flavour Enhancers, to see just who the key players are and where this innovation is going. To find out more about this patent landscape and to gain complimentary access to the full Landscape Report in Cipher, get in touch.

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  • Who are the key patent players in ride sharing technologies?
  • What is the patent cost profile?
  • Which patent families have been litigated?
  • What is the patent activity over time?

Flavour Enhancers Patent Activity COW

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