6th December 2018

IP Service World 2018 – Are you ready to tip?

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IP Service World, held in Munich on 26/27 November, is a unique event. It is a combination of a comprehensive trade fair and convention with contributions from leading experts from organisations such as Google, Brose, IBM, Schmitz Cargobull and Siemens. Bringing together over 500 IP professionals across two days to deep dive across the entire IP ecosystem.

Cipher was delighted to take part to listen to industry leaders discuss how the speed of innovation is affecting their business, the role of IP, and the affect disruption is having on the practice of IPIt was also a great opportunity to showcase Cipher 3 and talk about AI classification.

Marcus Malek, our Head of Strategy spoke in depth about machine learning in IP searching.

“Machine learning already enables automatic categorization of patents and repetitive tasks. The whole idea is to train a machine to do the same thing that you would do so you only do it once – freeing up time for more important and innovative tasks”

Cipher talking about machine learning vs boolean

Dr Beat Avenhaus, Director Intellectual Property, Brose Group, spoke about the role of AI in IP Strategy and operations, from an automotive supplier perspective, explaining how the newfound abilities allow her and the team to identify new areas or threats such as China and take a close look at the future of mobility services and our cities. What is clear is that, as the industries change, so does the role of IP departments. A point which reflects the results of our survey published in our IP Strategy Report.

There is an increased need for tools that can be used across the entire organisation. Isolation of IP departments is a thing of the past.

Predicting the future is no easy task. Lars Thomsen, Chief Futurist from Future Matters AG, took delegates on a journey through the next 600 weeks. IP plays a role in innovation, but if you look backwards instead of forwards, you can see how far innovation has driven us. It was just 600 weeks ago the first iPhone was launched, so what could we achieve in the next 600 weeks? By presenting examples of the hurdles and dynamics that drive us towards tipping points and a reappearing popcorn analogy, Lars left us with three key messages:

  1. Connectivity – the internet of things is growing 80x the speed of the internet of humans.
  2. Robotics – this market will exceed automotive by 2030.
  3. Mobility – roads will be a thing of the past in the face of drones and hyper-loops.

Tipping points usually don’t come in a way that we have a long time to adapt. But when the new alternative is much better, adoption is incredibly quick – seen by the car and horse 100 years ago and these adoption rates will happen again.

Belinda Gascoyne, head of IP in Europe for IBM, established that artificial intelligence isn’t only a thing of the future showing that there is widespread adoption now. Both the WIPO and EPO are exploring the use of AI across the entire IP network.

“AI is here now, it’s no longer a futuristic fiction” Belinda Gascoyne, IBM

Cipher give machine learning presentation

So what is AI? AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines typically computer systems. It can provide competitive advantage so don’t get left behind? Many participants had many unanswered questions about the implementation of AI, and machine learning and the effect of these advances are having. To hear CEO Nigel Swycher’s take on AI and IP, listen to our webinar here.

Having looked into the future, heard about innovation trends, Michael Gollwitzer, Siemens spoke about digital IP implementations and how these connect throughout the IP process. Practically, digitalisation allows for the flow of information across the entire IP network, but emphasised that support from the management is vital to success.

The conference provided a unique viewpoint about the future of IP and the global innovation landscape but also how you can adopt the technology that is here, now.

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