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2nd August 2022

Life Sciences top patent publishing list

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Pace of innovation findings

Life Sciences were a clear leader out of all of the patent categories tracked to chart the pace of innovation. This was one of the lead findings in Cipher’s recent A Global View of Innovation report.

Pace of innovation comparison, showing Life Sciences at the top


In the total number of technology inventions, Life Sciences ranked third, behind Mechanical and Information:

Total number of all inventions, featuring Life Sciences in third position

Total number of published Life Sciences patents

Using patent filings as an indicator of innovation, Life Sciences have published the most patents in the last three years – 550,000.

The largest growth areas in Life Sciences are shown to be in these fields:

  • Cleaning
  • Absorbent materials
  • Food & Drink
  • Infection & Disease therapy.

Number of inventions in the Life Sciences Category

The top owners of inventions

Our analysis revealed that household names such as Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal and Canon are amongst the Life Sciences players driving this innovation change.

The top owners of inventions in the Life Sciences category

About our Global Innovation report

Our Global Innovation report used our unique Universal Technology Taxonomy to provide a breakdown of the world’s inventions and activity into individual technology sectors.

View or download the report to:

  • see the share of inventions a particular technology area has
  • learn which invention areas are showing the most growth

Global innovation overview

Cipher’s Universal Technology Taxonomy

Cipher’s unique Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) takes millions of assets and sorts them into:

  • 10 Technology Superclasses
  • 122 Technology Sub-classes

The UTT supports data exploration to answer patent search questions.  It also demonstrates a range of intelligence for benchmarking, competitor analysis and investment activity.

With relative ease, the UTT can figure out the innovation leaders and laggards in particular area of technology, such as sustainable development.

Learn more about the Universal Technology Taxonomy
UTT Superclasses

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