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LOT Network Protections: What does 2.7 million patent assets mean for me?

Webinar, 28 October 2020

6pm (BST), 10am (PT)

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Over the past 6 years, LOT has grown from 9 members to now over 900 with over 2.7 million world-wide patent assets from the leading software, automotive, electronics and other high-tech industries that are now subject to the LOT license.

Our panel including Nigel Swycher, CEO of Cipher, Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network and Kent Richardson, Partner at Richardson Oliver Law Group will share analysis of the 2.7 million assets within the LOT Network to provide a data driven analysis of the scale of protection afforded against PAEs across a broad range of sectors including automotive, financial services, technology and semiconductors, and covering technologies such as AI and Blockchain which sit at the heart of convergence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The webinar will cover the following key points:

  • the increased risk of PAE litigation in recession
  • why LOTNet has experienced exponential growth in membership over the last few years
  • the impact of the 2,780,606 patent assets within the LOT umbrella
  • how news of the IBM split highlights the importance of LOT membership

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