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LOT Network offers Cipher access to members

1st June 2022

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LOT Network has expanded its range of membership benefits to include access to the Cipher strategic patent intelligence platform. This development builds on Cipher’s existing role of monitoring the patents owned by LOT Network members and also tracking those assets which remain under the protection of the LOT license on transfer commitment. 

Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network said: “Cipher is a valued partner, helping us to track the 3.4 million patent assets currently under the LOT umbrella, and we are excited to partner with them to offer our patent owning members a trial to Cipher’s Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) product. We are grateful for Cipher’s efforts to support our more than 2,150 members by ensuring that they have access to critical data on who owns what in the global patent landscape.” 

The LOT Network Cipher access offer

This initiative is launched in response to the increase in the volume of patents being sold on the secondary market and number of patent litigations. PAE litigation is up by almost 10% over the last year (source: RPX). It is increasingly hard and expensive for patent owners to monitor patent risk, which adds significant uncertainty into the mix.

Nigel Swycher, CEO, Cipher explained the rationale as follows: “Managing patent risk from both operating companies and non-practising entities requires access to best-in-class patent and litigation analytics. Working with LOT has enabled us to customize our solution to give companies the analysis they need when they need it. We are delighted to extend this benefit to LOT members.

About Cipher

Cipher is the leading strategic patent intelligence platform, and a member of the LOT Network. Cipher maintains the master list of all patents owned by members and captured by the LOT umbrella.

Cipher’s strategic patent intelligence platform helps patent owners strategically manage their patent portfolio, including risk mitigation, through classifying patents into technology areas. The Cipher offer for all LOT Network patent owning members will include free access to the Cipher Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) for an agreed period. 

The UTT classifies global patents into 100+ distinct technology areas, enabling users to analyse and mitigate patent risk. Visit for more information

About LOT Network

LOT Network is an international, non-profit community of the world’s leading companies committed to protecting themselves against costly litigation from patent assertion entities (PAEs). LOT Network currently protects more than 2,150 members in 54 countries from PAE litigation for more than 3.4 million worldwide patent assets and counting. Members include market leaders such as Visa, Canon, AirBNB, Coinbase, Tesla, Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, IBM, Toyota, and Salesforce, as well as innovative companies across industries. 

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LOT Network offers Cipher access to members 

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