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Wall Street Journal looks into the future of electric cars through a patent lens

Technology report – A sector beyond definition

FAMGA – Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. What is it about these companies that require their own definition?

Beringea backs Aistemos to harness AI to map and analyse global innovation

Forbes investigates how Cipher is revolutionising M&A

The due diligence process on Arm’s patents that usually takes a couple weeks was sped through in just a couple of days – all thanks to Cipher.

The role of AI in evidence-based strategic IP decisions

As patents increasingly take shape as a functional asset class, the use of artificial
intelligence looks…

Industry 4.0 – Revolution or evolution?

Will machine intelligence automate most human jobs within the next few decades?

AI throws light on Automotive industry’s billion dollar intellectual property

Automotive Patent Trends is the definitive guide to who’s protecting what across electrification, autonomy and connectivity.

IP Strategy Report 2018

Our IP Strategy Report 2018 studies the impact of disruptive technologies such as AI, autonomy and 3D printing…

The importance of patents as banking and technology converge

It is becoming more important than ever for organisations to adapt their IP strategy to ensure that it is aligned to their core business strategy.

Your guide to autonomous driving through a patent lens

A recent Intel study estimates mobility and autonomous vehicles growing to $3 trillion by 2050, what a massive opportunity.

Fintech – Understanding the role of patents

Technologies that will disrupt and transform the future of banking

Aistemos joins LOT Network


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