10th November 2022

Understanding the data behind patent value

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In our latest episode of the Cipher Vision Podcast, Understanding patent value, we were joined by Jay YonamineProduct Manager, GEO at Google.

Jay shared with us his perspective on existing patent valuation methods and what the future could look like, given the possibilities and limitations of ML and AI.

In the podcast we cover:

  • The benefit of hiring senior data analyst experts to be situated within patent teams
  • The importance of accurately calculating patent value and why this hasn’t always been possible
  • The need to think contextually about value, and the influence of ownership and purpose
  • How AI and ML can greatly enhance the capabilities of patent teams, improving efficiency and accuracy

In this special bonus video, Jay provides an overview of the data that underpins his stance on the topic, analysing the statistics that help differentiate patents from other asset classes, making patents all the harder to pin a number on.

What is the data behind understanding patent value?

Who owns a patent and what they do with it is fundamentally important to the value.

Jay Yonamine, Product Manager, GEO, Google

The contribution of patents to enterprise value


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This is a detailed new report outlining a groundbreaking approach to patent valuation.

Nigel Swycher (Cipher CEO) and Steve Harris (CTO) describe a valuation methodology for calculating the contribution that an entire portfolio makes to the overall value of a company.

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