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Cipher on Portfolio Optimisation

The world’s leading platform for Strategic Patent Intelligence releases the first global report on Portfolio Optimisation.

In collaboration with IAM, Cipher has written a detailed report on Portfolio Optimisation, from a survey conducted with the top owning patent organisations.

Key Findings Over 80% of companies believe their patent portfolios are too big, too small or both – how balanced is your portfolio? Find out more about the key findings from the first global study specifically focussed on analysing the approaches taken to balancing patent portfolios in an economy where the impact of disruptive technologies has never been more important.

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Cipher Report on Portfolio Optimisation Hear from Google, Accenture, Facebook and many other large patent owning organisations in the full Cipher report. Take a look at what the world’s patent owning organisations are saying about balanced portfolios and the various strategic objectives served by those portfolios.

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HOW MANY PATENTS ARE ENOUGH? Are you looking to optimise your patent portfolio but aren’t sure where to start? Never before has it been so important to determine whether your portfolio is the right size and shape. Read our article to uncover proven models that should act as rational and repeatable metrics to optimising your portfolio.

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  • “Data science and machine learning helps us better manage and shape our portfolio. The ML tools and models we’ve built have enabled us to operate more efficiently and at scale so that we can execute on our patent strategy.”

    Mike Lee, Director, Head of Patents, Google

  • “At the moment, it takes something bad to happen for management to realise the importance of IP. By then, of course, it’s usually too late and costs are even higher. In my opinion, patenting should not be seen solely as a cost, but more as an investment.” 

    Andreas Iwerbäck, Director of Group Technology and IP Intelligence, Husqvarna Group

  • “With improvements in AI technology and other analytics platforms like Cipher, today we are able to understand the numbers of patents that are relevant to certain technology areas at a push of a button. This insight can help you determine whether you need more or less [patents] in a particular area and start to set parameters around the investment required to put the company in good standing relative to its business objectives.”

    Jeremiah Chan, Head of Patents, Facebook

  • “If you’re spending several million dollars a year on patent filings and you are filing several hundred new patents applications every year, then it seems like a clearly beneficial trade-off to spend a small portion of those expenses specifically on insights to drive better strategic decisions.”

    Jared Engstrom, Head of Patent Development, Red Hat

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