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Move 2019: Mobility Reimagined

22nd February 2019 | Comments Off on Move 2019: Mobility Reimagined

Move 2019: Mobility Re-imagined brought together the newest innovations and emerging technologies that will bring disruption to the future mobility ecosystem.

The Cipher team had the privilege of connecting to emerging and existing technology pioneers covering a variety of topics from Mobility as a Service to Smart Cities, Urban Supply Chain, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Auto Futures, Energy & Charging, Infrastructure & Connectivity and more.


MOVE 2019 highlighted that technological changes, rising customer expectations and growing competition create a multitude of challenges for the automotive industry. Organisations ranging from start-ups and University research groups to OEM Connectivity arms focused on how investment within digital transport infrastructure is pivotal to the industry’s growth and focused on three key areas.

Firstly, start-ups are showing interest and are developing within IT and big data for mobility on demand, there is extensive collaboration between providers and new business models are developing.  On display were applications and models that facilitated V2V, V2X and V2D system integration. Data sharing organisations now have upgraded digital platforms to incorporate communication with transport and infrastructure.

Secondly, looking beyond the conventional automotive mobility space, air mobility is picking up speed with organisations showcasing their investment and capabilities of providing on-demand electric air mobility in the years to come. Will an Uber flying ride sharing program be our future?

According to Gary Smith, Director Of Operations Transformation at EasyJet, the development of commercial electric flight will take years to be safely viable. The influence of aviation authorities will be critical to the progress and success of this growing sector.

Finally, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence across the supply chain has sparked a technology war that will create a dynamic market where the winners will be those who identify and utilise new technologies with the most significant impact. Transport operators are investing in conversational AI to drive down the supply chain, customer service and logistics costs. High precision robotics will use the most cutting edge AI systems within the OEM manufacturing processes of the future.




Technology and disruption are advancing, and here at Cipher, we are able to support those who are ready to embrace new mobility strategies with opportunities to differentiate and win significant competitive advantage.