Patent Mapping

Patent mapping is the process of analyzing and visualizing the landscape of patents related to a particular technology or industry. It involves categorizing patents based on their relevance to a particular field, and then analyzing the data to identify technology trends.

Patent mapping can help with competitive intelligence:

  1. Identifying potential competitors: Patent mapping can help identify companies or individuals that are actively filing patents in a particular technology area, which can indicate potential competitors.
  2. Assessing the strength of existing patents: By analyzing the claims and citations of existing patents, patent mapping can help determine the strength and scope of a company’s existing patents.
  3. Identifying gaps in the patent landscape: Identify areas of technology that have a relatively low number of patents filed, which can represent potential opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.
  4. Monitoring the patent landscape: Companies can get insight into new patent filings or changes in the competitive landscape and learn about emerging trends.

Patent mapping can provide a comprehensive and structured way to understand the landscape of a particular technology area. It helps companies make informed decisions about their intellectual property strategy and competitive positioning.

Patent Custom Classification

Cipher provides patent to technology mapping using custom classifiers. The classification of patents into relevant technology areas help you to monitor trends based on a competitor, geography or technology.

Cipher builds your patent taxonomy using classifiers in the framework that maps to your view of the technology landscape. It uses positive and negative training data to build classifiers with independently verified accuracy.

Using the classifiers you can run reports to understand any key competitor changes or new entrants. You can optimise your portfolio and manage your patent budget to explore cross licensing opportunities. Understand the competitive landscape, benchmark against it, review your portfolio, explore monetisation options or perform due diligence.

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Cipher Classification

With Cipher’s Custom Taxonomies, you are able to see the world through your own technology lens.

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The Cipher team can use the supervised machine learning platform to scan patent activity for any company in the world.

Patent mapping can provide a comprehensive and structured way to understand the competitive landscape of a particular technology area.

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