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Portfolio Optimisation – Global Survey in collaboration with IAM

21st October 2019 | Comments Off on Portfolio Optimisation – Global Survey in collaboration with IAM

More than one million organisations worldwide own patents – and over 30,000 of them spend more than $250,000 a year building and maintaining their portfolios. But despite these numbers, there is no agreed methodology that helps organisations measure and report on whether their patent portfolios are fit for purpose.

Things are changing: budgets are under greater scrutiny than ever and disruptive technologies have increased the likelihood of disputes involving a completely new set of operating companies. This is a topic explored in our recent IAM article asking How Many Patents are Enough?  This outlines a methodology used by a number of companies who have largely defensive IP strategies, and who use strategic patent intelligence combined with market share to calibrate their portfolios.

Cipher have now teamed up with IAM to conduct a survey designed to ascertain how patent owners decide whether they have too many or too few patents. The survey digs deeper into many of the foundational questions including:

  • What are the strategic objectives of owning a large portfolio?
  • How best to measure and assess the development of that portfolio?
  • Who benchmark your portfolio against competitors or more generally?
  • How does the wider business understand the value of patents?

With the results of the survey, Cipher and IAM will produce a comprehensive report that focuses on the best practice for optimising patent portfolios. This will shine a light on an art that has remained hidden from view for too long.

Please click here to complete this survey: