Our collaboration will provide an unbiased view of companies’ patent portfolios by using an industry-accepted taxonomy that can be used as a reference point to add rationality to licensing negotiations.

Nigel Swycher, CEO, Cipher

Cipher Vision Podcast

Cipher’s monthly podcast, Cipher Vision is now into its third season.  Each episode has co-hosts Nigel Swycher (CEO) and Francesca Levoir (Head of Marketing) and a notable guest discuss an IP or patents-related topic.

Guests have covered a range of subjects, from valuation and sustainability through to diversity and machine learning.

Cipher Vision episodes are under 25 minutes and are ideal to listen to during a short break or journey.

Cipher Vision podcast index

Rewarding Innovation

Episode 11 in Season 3 features Ann Chaplin, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Qualcomm. Ann joined us to discuss how strong IP rights foster innovation globally, stressing the need for balanced regulation and increased diversity in inventors.
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Innovation Not Regulation

Episode 10 in Season 3 features Andrei Iancu, Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell and former Director of the USPTO – who joined us to discuss maximizing innovation.
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Democratization of Innovation

Episode 9 in Season 3 features Keith Bergelt, CEO, Open Invention Network, who joined us to explore the relationship between IP and open source, sharing the benefits and challenges of collaboration and OIN’s role in preserving patent freedom. 
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Putting Passion in IP

Episode 8 in Season 3 features Anjanette Lecher, Director, Intellectual Asset Management at Corning Incorporated. She shared with us her love of intellectual property, discussing how to take a customer centric approach when analysing and presenting data, adopting the correct tools to support efficiency and visualizations.
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SDGs through a patent lens

Episode 7 in Season 3 features Marco Richter, Global Head of Customer Success at LexisNexis Intellectual Property. He highlights the important role that patents play in helping us to become more sustainable, discussing the benefit of measuring innovation in relation to the UN Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).
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Flat, Fast and Focused

Episode 6 in Season 3 features Lorie Goins who shares with us how to approach innovation, by adopting a questioning, inclusive and analytical mindset, drawing on tools to form evidence-based decisions that enhance your business and IP strategy.
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Because Cipher is an automated platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is able to uncover companies of relevance, that we might never have discovered on our own.

Jared Engstrom, Head of Patent Development, Red Hat

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AI big data software patent owners
Anyone who is a licensee or licensor should have reasons to know what the HEVC patent landscape is, so they can figure out how they should fit into it today and translate it into actionable commercial terms.

Lew Zaretzki, Managing Director, Hamilton IPV

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