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The capability that has helped us the most from a budget and spend standpoint is being able to demonstrate how we compare to competitors and others in our space and benchmark against what they’re spending on their patents. I can see how accurate Cipher is by comparing it to our own costs.

Bob Pechman, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Seagate Technology

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The process was pretty straightforward and even simpler the more useful data you can provide. We’ve also scoped other classifiers where we started completely from scratch, where the Cipher team had to do more work up-front, but even that process went smoothly.

Bob Pechman, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Seagate Technology

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“The vast bulk of the Twitter portfolio can be dated back to either 2005 or 2010. Since then patenting activity has been limited.” We were happy to supply the data for this IAM feature: https://t.co/E7alCm1poS #patents #twittersold
We’re looking forward to visiting Palo Alto as part of @IPCounselCafe from 18 – 19 May. Want to find out exactly what our platform can offer? Book your meeting with one of the Cipher team attending: https://t.co/87o6Z0Qf4r https://t.co/oGZS9RKX1e
Our chat with Peter Haigh, Chair of @mintelnews reveals the changing #consumertrends in healthcare and technology plus a view on the value of patent data. Read a summary, and listen to the latest Cipher Vision podcast: https://t.co/31eXW2njIx https://t.co/AXecdLHtZ7
“If they use that data, they can get ahead of the competition, by just simply innovating around some of these #patents that are out there”. Peter Haigh, Chair of @mintelnews in our latest Cipher Vision podcast. Listen now: https://t.co/yVTHdWon5s https://t.co/3iMbLnxgLG
Over $40 billion is spent on #patents each year, but less than 20% of companies report that their portfolio is the right size. Cipher can assist with Portfolio Optimisation. Visit our Solution page and download a report: https://t.co/7Kc8vLIyU2
Our analysis on #electricvehicles found that players such as @ToyotaMotorCorp @Kia and @Hyundai dominate the battery technology landscape, helping to ensure fast and reliable charging options. Full report: https://t.co/KYQ6PSpyMh #patentanalysis https://t.co/ioIhI3hZOx
Thursday morning, 0900 BST, 1000 CET: join us for a replay of the successful Universal Technology Taxonomy webinar: https://t.co/E1jr34PkFK #patentanalysis #businesswebinar #machinelearning https://t.co/aBBgFLgJoz
Fixing your diary for next week? Be sure to book in 9 – 10am BST on Thursday (5 May) for a replay of our successful Universal Technology Taxonomy webinar: https://t.co/Y9eg0IkHil #patentanalysis #businesswebinar https://t.co/lfwYZZ3lYM
A short statement from our CEO, @swychern to mark #WorldIPDay2022: “IP, Youth, Innovation and Better Future. A perfect recipe for a sustainable economy – and planet.” Watch Nigel’s full comment: https://t.co/l7hFguD7BR
RT @atripper: Please share with your network! https://t.co/Wmhen1X9Cy is excited to announce Episode 10 of our webinar series featuring @c…

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