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War or peace? No consensus on the road ahead for automotive

8th September 2017 | Comments Off on War or peace? No consensus on the road ahead for automotive

The huge media frenzy about autonomous and connectivity make us want to ask “Are we there yet?”. But, the changes on the road will not happen overnight. The technologies are in play and the sales and marketing departments at OEMs, Tier 1s and technology companies are flat out turning plans and prototypes into business models and revenue. Industry wide disruption is inevitable, but when and with what consequences for the shape of the ecosystem has yet to be determined.
This week we hosted a webinar in which Nigel Swycher, CEO and Steve Harris, CTO of Aistemos together with Marjorie Loeb, partner at Mayer Brown and head of IP for Schaeffler US, Antun Peakovic consider the future of patents for the sector.
Schaeffler has been planning the future for many years but will launch their e-mobility division in 2018. Antun discusses the challenges that electrification brings to a company that has a long history in traditional technologies. More and different types of deals. New opportunities and increased risk of disputes.
Marjorie Loeb brings her experience as general counsel at FCA to international law firm Mayer Brown. There seems little doubt that first hand experience of the issues adds a valuable dimension to her role at outside counsel. Marjorie discusses the importance of IP and technology to deals – all very different to how these topics have been traditionally handled.
Nigel used the opportunity to discuss why we have developed Cipher Automotivethe first source of IP analytics to focus on the sector: “OEMs and Tier 1s need access to information about the changing technology landscape. By listening to what the industry needs, we have unlocked analysis of patented technologies. Our thanks to the many organisations who have worked with us to ensure that we are delivering technical accuracy as well as responsiveness”.
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